How To Core An Apple

Simply stand the apple upright dig the corer into the center and pull upwards. If you want to obtain small cubes cut the apple first lengthwise and then chop into cubes.

Use A Small Cookie Cutter To Core The Center Of Apple Slices Food Healthy Valentines Snacks

No Fancy Tool Required Theres no denying that an apple corer is an extremely convenient toolbut you dont necessarily need one to successfully core an apple.

How to core an apple. Discard the coreTo chop apple place each piece of apple flat side down on a cutting board and cut into strips. Peel apple around top and bottom then peel remainder of apple in wide vertical strips. Then cut the apple into halves and the quarters.

Dig with the spoon until you reach approximately 12-inch from the bottom of the apple. If you go straight down the core will be more difficult to pop out and you waste that much more apple The exit should be just outside the core center or stem on the other side. You can also quarter the apple and remove the core with a diagonal cut.

Place the apple on a cutting board stem side up and slice vertically as close to the core as possible into 4 pieces. Use the peeler point to push out the core removing it in pieces if necessary. Of course the easiest way to core an apple is to use a corer.

Coring Whole Apples Holding the apple with one hand use your other hand to work the peeler. Once the skin is off you can use the knife to cut out the stem on the top and the bottom. Make sure the shaft of your apple corer is tall enough to go through a good-sized apple.

Cut into quarters then cut away core from each wedge. Take a look at the video to learn just how to do it. Dig out the core of the apple including the seeds with the spoon and discard these pieces.

A spoon and a sharp knife will do the trick just fine. Make sure the apple is secure on a flat surface and held with one hand. Continue digging until you remove the entire core area of the apple.

Starting from the stem end of the apple place the tip of the peeler next to the stem or stem hole and push the peeler. Look for a corer with a long handle and serrated edge. Insert the tip of the spoon into the hole in the center of the apple.

Cut through the apple just off-center to the outside of where the core should be. How to Core an Apple Step 2. If you dont have an apple corer we dont recommend wasting time digging out the core with a paring knife.

But not all apple corers are made equal. Amaretto Apple Streusel Cupcakes. Heres a better way.

When removing the core start at the top of each slice. Cut the halves in thin slices. How to Core an Apple Step 1 After you wash and dry the apple set it on a cutting board with the stem end pointing up.

Just push at an angle down do not slice. Insert the knife at an angle towards the center. Rotate the strips and quarter turn and cut into small pieces.

With the cylinder facing down towards the apple push down into the apple core and pull it out slowly.

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