How To Make Seitan Wings

Place the seitan wings. With clean hands knead the.

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In this video I share my chicken style seitan recipe.

How to make seitan wings. Dredge chicken wings into the egg mixture then toss into the Ziplock bag of flour. Add all of the dry ingredients to your medium mixing bowl and whisk well to combine. Remove wings to a paper towel lined plate or tray.

Spread the pieces out on a well-greased steamer basket. Use spray oil to generously coat the seitan bites to stop. Flatten each one slightly.

Vegan Buffalo Wings just in time for SUPER BOWLBuffal. Take another bowl and mix the lime juice and soy milk together. Dip 1 piece of rice paper in hot water and soak for a few seconds until soft.

Put the flour and black pepper into a large zip lock bag. Add hot water to a large bowl. Dip each piece of seitan into the soy milk mixture and then into the breadcrumb mixture.

Add all of the wet ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth about 10-20 seconds. Carefully cut the rice paper in half. Cut the seitan into 4 pieces and place each one on a square piece of foil 10-12 inches on each side.

Then wrap one seitan wing in the rice paper. One batch of seitan tenders should make about 25 to 30 wing sized pieces. Pour the wet into the dry and stir with a fork until a seitan ball forms.

Place in the baking pan and continue shaping chicken wings until all dough is gone. Take a small piece of the dough and roll it in your hands into the shape of a chicken wing. Hey thanks for watching.

Smash the seitan into a patty then fold the foil into a little packet and smash it down more. Deep fry in a large pot of oil or deep fryer at 350 for 5-8 minutes or until light brown and crispy. Just because youre a vegan doesnt mean that you cant indulge in some junk food every now and again.

Cut seitan into 12 wide by 2 or 3 long strips lightly coat non-stick pan with cooking spray heat pan to med-high pan fry strips of seitan until heated through browned and somewhat crispy. Its a great meat alternative thats high in protein and low in fat. Mix flour bread crumbs paprika pepper and salt in a bowl.

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