Mummy Puff Pastry Pizza Pies

These mummy puff pastry pizza pies are a fun project to make with the kids, and would be perfect for Halloween parties or even to pack in lunch boxes.We filled our pizza pies with chopped bell pepper, spring onions, pepperoni and cheddar cheese, but you could use whatever pizza toppings you like – strips of chicken or ham, sweetcorn, spinach would work well, or alternative cheeses like mozzarella or goats cheese would also be delicious.

Puff Pastry Pizza Pies Mummy Puff Pastry Pizza Pies - fun Halloween food for ... These Halloween Mummy Pizza Bites are adorable and incredibly easy to make!
Mummy Puff Pastry Pizza Pies from
Easy recipe for fun Mummy pizza pies. Great for a Halloween party food, lunch boxes or a spooky Halloween dinner! I’ve been sharing a fair few sweet treats for Halloween recently (and have more in the pipeline to share too!), and thought it was about time I shared something savoury.

Mummy pizzas are definitely a recipe to get all wrapped up in this Halloween!

The pizzas are part of Pinterest’s top-10 Halloween recipes of 2019. In what has become an annual tradition for me, I made all 10 of them to see if they’d turn out as BOO-tiful as they did on the pins. The Mummy pizzas were actually fun to make and were tasty to boot. I modified the recipe just a bit to my liking and you can too depending on your pizza preferences.

This recipe was by far my favorite of all 10 — so easy to make and tasted great. It’s also the perfect food to serve at Halloween parties — kid- and adult-friendly.

I modified this recipe a little bit by using Pillsbury crescent roll dough for the mummy strips and using Pillsbury biscuit dough for the base of the pizza since I couldn’t find sheets of puff pastry dough at the store. This ended up working out in my favor because each biscuit was the perfect size for a pizza when flattened out and the perforated crescent roll triangles were easy to separate into strips. This also meant that I didn’t have to use a circle cutter to get the bottom of the dough to be perfect circles.

At first I started cutting the strips to be the same size with a scissor, but quickly realized I didn’t need to be that precise about it and started tearing it and it worked just as well.

Instead of using tomato puree I used jar sauce, I skipped the onions and peppers and used mozzarella cheese instead of cheddar cheese.

I used a scissor to cut the eyes out of provolone cheese slices and an edible marker pen to make the pupils.

My one regret here was putting the “eyes” on when the pizzas were still hot because the cheese started sweating when I took the pictures. Overall I’d definitely recommend making this recipe because it was easy and tasty. It cooks in no time, too.

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