What Temp Should Pork Tenderloin Be

We are very happy with the finished productThe meat had lots of flavour and very juicyWe topped one of the tenderloin with sweet baby rays barbecue sauce and it was very goodWe will certainly be using this recipe againThank You so much for sharing. Sous vide is the most foolproof way to get pork tenderloin on the table with consistently great flavor and a buttery ultra-tender texture that you cant get with traditional methodsSmall enough to cook relatively quickly but large and elegant enough to make a centerpiece roast this is the kind of roast to pull out when youre feeling extra fancy on a weeknightMedium Rare.

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Be sure to use a meat thermometer and bring the temp to 160 and if any of your guests complains that they think they are going to get trichanosis politely ask them to leave and go to applebees where they process.

What temp should pork tenderloin be. Pork tenderloin is so easy to cook i didnt bother with all the extra machinery. My 1 way to cook a pork tenderloin or a boneless pork loin because its ALWAYS moist and tender. I did the rub let sit to take chill off pork pan seared all sides high heat covered with sauce and finished in oven at 425 for 8 minutes rested for 5 ish minutes and was perfection.

If you like marinate the roast and rub with any seasonings that please your palate. 130F 544C. So many people have asked me how long to cook tenderloins if they have more than one to cook I wanted to give a simple response.

This is due to the fact that it was swimming in Burgundy Red Wine. We followed the recipe and cooked on the smoker in hickory pallets at 225 F for 3hrs until temp reached 180. First of all the pork should be relatively pink when it is done.

So long as the tenderloins are NOT touching each. Its easy and foolproof.

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